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    just to let you know, there are no pics. i don't know how & haven't made myself take the time to learn - but i will.
    they all act like they have very important work to do - hurrying from this side of the brooder to another spot. when they get tired, some of them fall asleep standing up. the others are just a little spot of fluff on the brooder floor.
    one of them will get a wild hair & take off running & flapping it's tiny wings & barge into a pile of sleeping babies then everyone is upset & telling her off.
    sometimes they charge the waterer because someone else is there & it's like "hey that's my drink!". some are so enthusiatic they tip over into the water. good thing it's only 1/2" deep or they'd get a good dunking.
    i'm beginning to hear some real voices of protest here & there and i see a pair having a stand off.
    it's also so funny to see those little wings w/tiny feathers sticking out.

    i think i'm going to have to change lightbulbs during the day to compensate for it warming up. my light is stationary so raising & lowering isn't an option. it seems too hot to me, but none are panting & they seem to like that warmest corner for when it's nap time. so i don't know. can it be too hot for them & they don't know it?
    well, i just wanted to tell my little chick story to some people who love chickens.
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    [​IMG]Crazy chicks! Chicks are adorable when they do those things, I can't wait to get more! I wouldn't worry to much about the heat if they're not panting or trying to get away from the light.

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