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Mar 16, 2010
Last year was our first experience with chickens all layers. This year we thought we would take the next step so when I went to the feed store to get dog food and I saw that they had some Cornish X I had to get some (4)
as well as a SLW and golden sex-link.

We have already gotten the parts to build a tractor for them tomorrow so that when they get a little bigger we can have a place for them. What age is a good age to move them form the brooder to the tractor?

Right now they are so cute as they are basking in the brooder but I know from what I have read on this forum this will be short lived as they soon will be stinky nasty little monsters. How soon will that be?

I do want them to grow as slow as a cornish X can so they can be as healthy as possible. One question that I have is while right now they are on chick starter when I switch them to regular feed would switching to the same feed as the rest of the flock (all layers) keep there growth rate slow or should I just go ahead and get them the meat bird ration?

We hope to be able to process in 8-12 weeks as long as it takes for them to reach a good eating weight or until we can't take it anymore. I will need all the support I can get during this entire process, I have cleaned my DH pheasants from hunting but that was worlds apart form raising and butchering my own meat.
Mine quit being cute by two weeks old. By that time they were already four times as big as my layers of the same age and doing their best to eat me every time I put new food in the brooder, not to mention the smell! We kicked them out into their tractor at about 3wks old though I would have done it sooner if we had finished it sooner.
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