They Are Wild! Sooooo Fun!!!!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by TarheelBirdy, Jul 19, 2011.

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    My 8 week old keets are feeling their oats!!!! I went out to their room today and just sat down against the wall to watch. They flyyyy and skiiddd around, running and jumping and whatever wild hair gets up their butts! UP on the perch...INTO the laying boxes.....JUMP at the fly fly, squawk, squawk, squawk!! So funny to watch them with the four younger ones (five week olds)'s just like older brothers and sisters picking on younger ones.

    I also love the pre-buckwheat calls. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
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    Jul 19, 2011
    Glad you had such success! I am no Guinea expert, and I have barely any experience, but I bought 4 at a trade for 5 dollars each, and I brought them home. Two Pied, Two Pearled. About a week into me owning them, the two Pied ones died 2 days apart, both starting to fall ill, wouldn't move, wouldn't eat or drink. and about 5 minutes before they would die, they would sit on their rears and have their necks bent back, gasping at the sky, eye's closed, rolling around. It was so disheartening [​IMG] [​IMG] The other two pearls are just fine, running around with the pheasants. but right after the two died, i thought, Oh no, I bought 4 guineas and 2 pheasants from someone else, they brought a disease home to my chickens! And ran and sanitized evvvvverything. I then separated the 2 other guineas and the 2 pheasants from my baby chicks i hatched. Now they are fine. But i think if I want to get some more, i'll just buy Adults. I don't want to kill another keet because of my inexperience with them. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I love those Peep Peep double baby calls. I have heard several of those within my little flock of 30. I built them a huge Brooder cage because of their antics. Mine are heading into week four. I have some Eight week olds up at the house who are learning about Big Bird Food. I bought them some Wild bird seed which is loaded with millet. I tossed out a couple of handfulls and called treat treat treat when I did..... OMG the rubber necking and eyeing me and eyeing the food. Then the tasting and spitting out and tasting again.... soon they were all macking down on the millet and a few treasured sunflower seeds. Of course interruppted by Hopping up on the shelf then the perch and back down again.....
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    Quote:I think you had your cards stacked against you with your babies. Baby Keets need to be at 95 degrees till they get their feathers. Who knows how they were handled before you got them. You might try hatching some If you are experienced with an incubator. They take a few days longer than chickens. I am sure there are people here that could talk you through the hatching process.

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