They aren't eating?


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Northern Michigan
8 hens, 1 roo.

Backstory - once the time change hit, we were finally able to get the time regulated as far as light goes. We had lights on most of the time (yes, bad I know). Anyway, so once the time change hit, we didn't really have a need for lights in the barn/coop, so we for the most part kept it off. They would go in to nest, but not eat (there is minimal natural light in there). A couple weeks ago when I got more food and a new flock block, they stopped eating, but they devoured the flock block. I figured it was because the coop was dark, so we moved the food outside in the run. They still aren't eating. Any ideas?
Although I am an advocate for coop having natural light I don't think that light (or dark) effect a chicken appetite. Maybe there is something different about the food? I say this because on Tuesday I opened a new bag of feed, same brand and formula but it was more powdery and fine than the first bag. My chicks barely touched it for two days and then were still not eating as much as they did from the previous bag.

Today it was finally warm enough for them to go outside and they scratching and pecked and ate everything they could find in the grass so I gave them a handful of mixed grains and a pile of worms from the worm bin they ate it all in minutes.

I am not sure if it was the texture. After all how pickycan birds that eat eachother poop be about texture? But clearly something was not right about the feed. I took the feed back and got a new bag and they are back to eating normally.
I have no idea - it is so weird! But, I think I'm just going to dump it and get some fresh. I hate to waste it but I don't want chickens that are starved to death either!
Just wanted to update - our Tractor Supply only has two brands of feed - Purina & DuMor, so I stuck with the DuMor but got crumble instead of pellets, and they are already eating well. Thanks for the input on this!

My chicks seen to prefer the crumble as well. We got the Purina becasue I got a $5.00 coupon at my chicks 101 class. I am thinking I might start them on organic feed before they start to lay.

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