They arrived

Congrats on the new chicks!
Congrats on the new babies!! Take LOTS of pictures to show friends and family...they grow up faster than you could ever imagine!
Trust me they wont be your last. Raising chickens is very addictive. we started out with 2 in May got 6 more a couple of week later got 6 more 5 ended up roos got 2 more- roos order 10 from Ideal 9 DOA cause of the heat last one died 3 days later got 7 more 1 roo got 4 more 1 roo got 9 more 2 roos. Just hatched 22 chicks. Rehomed all but 4 roos need to find a home for a sweet 6 week old Delaware roo. Right now I have 31 RIR's 6 barred rocks 2 black australorps 2 naked necks 6 barnyard mixes 1 delaware roo

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