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  1. My 3 year old little girl just went into the "chicken run" (more like a pasture, it's huge) to see if there were any eggs in the coop, and my 4 big embden geese outright attacked her, they came flying/running right at her and before I could get there they had bitten her in about 4-5 places and she was screaming bloody murder [​IMG]
    I had to beat one off with a rake as it was trying to take a chunk out of her back. They've never acted like that before, I was shocked.

    [​IMG] Nothing gets me madder than something going after one of my kids. These are geese that have been raised with all of us since hatch, they are meant for Christmas dinners and now I am thinking they will be going to the processer earlier than I thought.

    She has several good welts on her, but after I calmed her down and checked her over, I took her by the hand and made her walk right back in there with me. I wasn't about to have her scared forever to go into the chicken run when she adores collecting eggs (or checking for them since I'm getting nearly none!) everyday.
    When we went back in they squacked at her but they kept their distance and she yelled at them "BAD GOOSES!"

    Poor baby girl [​IMG]

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    Aw, poor kid. That happened to me as a child. At the park. My Mother convinced me that the geese were trying to kiss me, but that they couldn't do it softly because they didn't have lips. I believed her. She advised me to keep my distance because the geese loved me so much, but that they wouldn't know how not to hurt me. I still remember that. Pretty funny stuff, but also effective. At least it was for me.
  3. Quote:What a cute and creative story!
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    My 5 year-old daughter was bitten once by one of our two geese. We processed both geese that weekend.

    We have a rule here. If you're nice, you can stay. If you're mean, you go. My kids are more important than any goose. If they are frightened being in their own yard, something's wrong.

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    Poor kid! Goose bites hurt!

    Is there a way you can temporarily confine the geese so they can't get at her? My geese are all in a back pasture separate from where the chicken coop is being built for just such a reason. My youngest (8yo) is on the small side and sort of meek. He adores chickens, but knows not to go in the back pasture without me (even though mine aren't aggressive yet).
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    We had a male goose here that was really nasty and he was raised since he hatched too. It was so bad that he would wait outside the door for us and we would have to go outside armed like we were going to battle..he would bite, twist and beat you with his wings.

    Needless to say, it was not a sad day when we found him face down in the pond....

    My female goose only gets loud and grumpy around nesting time. So far so good..
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    Geese are an amazing and beautiful creature but they sure do have a wicked evil spell sometimes. I'll always stop for them if they're crossing the road, and I still occassionally feed them bread at the park, but I've had to swat at a couple when they're hissing and trying to bite my hand off.

    Don't tell anyone but Picky Chicky is scared of Geese. [​IMG]


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    Your lil one is a trooper being all brave and going back in with you. Im sorry she got hurt I hope she feels better fast.
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    Awww....poor thing! My Chinese have gotten aggressive, lately. I think they are just getting "mature". They did attack my neighbor when she came over. I felt awful, but good that they were protective. They bit her on the clothes, but the wings were what bruised her legs so bad (she was in shorts). They have gone after my boys, 8 & 10, too. If I am outside, they won't attack. You can call them off. I talked with DH about eating them, but he likes that no one can come on the property unannounced. And the funny thing is, he was the one that was anti-geese!

    With a little one, though, I would speed up the processing, maybe. My boys are tough, and I think they've learned that geese have excellent memories! [​IMG] They've also learned how to move around them so that they are not threatening. That is too much for a 3 year old, I think. Ours pretty much leaves the family alone, and the neighbors can come up if they announce themselves. We had to train the geese and the neighbors. [​IMG]

    I am glad that you had her go back in there. That would be a shame for her to fear geese forever. Good for you! [​IMG]

    I've heard that you need to pluck a goose inside a trashbag because of all the down. Otherwise it will never all go away!

    Good luck! Sorry your DD got attacked. DS said the wings "spanking" him hurt the worst.


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    I can see this happening when my geese get older. They are scared of my almost 5-year-old now, but I'm sure they won't always be. With him though, it's his fault. He always runs right past them and scares the bejeebers out of them.

    Embdens are often aggressive, and I would think that since your little one is only 3 the geese are about the same size. They didn't bother her while you were with her because you were there, but if she goes in there alone again, it will probably be the same thing.

    Either don't let her in the pen alone with them, or teach her to carry a stick and how to use it.

    My oldest son came within an inch of being bitten in the eye by a goose when he was almost 2, and I've just recently gotten some. I've always been afraid of them, but raising them from babies seems to ease my anxiety. My young embden would surely attack my son, it goes after the chickens if they get in its way.
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