They DO! Grow Quickly

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    The quackerettes were 3 weeks old yesterday morning. While not a great picture, quality wise it will give you an idea. The box she is sitting in is the same one that we brought all 12 home from Ideal 3 weeks ago with room to spare.


    Here they are when we picked them up only 3 weeks ago in the same box:


  2. Melinda35

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    Oct 1, 2010
    You definitely have your hands full with all of those ducks. I enjoy watching mine communicate with each other. Sometimes I think they are talking bad about me especially when they are making all kinds of noise and bobbing their heads up and down. [​IMG]When mine first started laying the Pekins were laying before the Buffs. I swear there was one Buff that needed advice and one of the Pekins walked her over to the nest and talked to her and then left her. The Buff went back and asked more questions and then went back to the nest. They do not like to be separated. I know my family thinks I am nuts but they do communicate and it is so neat to see.
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    Nice comparison! They do grow way faster than I would have ever thought! My step-son comes to the house just once a week and when he came over yesterday he was SHOCKED! at how big our ducks had gotten. It's harder to see when you see them several times a day, but he swore that we'd switched out the ducks for some reason. LOL!
  4. I believe you. I know they communicate with me. They have a separate peep for, "We're outta water!" vs. "We're outta food!". I usually hear that at about 3-4:00 AM. [​IMG]The thing that really cheeses me off is that after I take care of it they check it out for about 2 minutes and than go back to sleep. [​IMG]

  5. featherfinder

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    The girls are looking good!!! And they grow so fast! Take it all in while you still can.
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    Mar 14, 2012
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    I love that this came up. I have been taking pictures of my girls every day (yeah I know i am acting just like a new crazy mom) since I have gotten them and yeah I compared day one of life and day 12.... its crazy!

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    Nothing crazy about taking pics of your ducks every day. (I think I have more duck pics than anything else I have taken pics of in the last year). My ducks are now a year old (last Sunday). I now tell people that duckling are cute, and fuzzy and you blink, and they are full grown ducks. We hadn't built our duck house when I brought them home on the spur of the moment figuring it would take them some time to outgrow the 55 gallon aquarium we used for a brooder. It was not a good plan. Brought them home on 3/18. By 4/1 the duck house had to be finished because they were too long for the aquarium.
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  8. Mum

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    Dec 23, 2011
    Crikey, they really have grown!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Nov 13, 2011
    duck = grow as fast as possible and feather out. because they live in water normally and water is safe usually so no need to feather fast just out grow the mouths of water predators.

    chicken = feather and fly as soon as you can then grow.

    ducks like to come say hello. my ducks used to come running up to greet me id assume they wanted food, give them some they would eat some give me a cocked eye balls if they were excepting something else and just walk off chatting we come up from the brook every time for that same crap?
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    Too funny Mike! As soon as I walk into the brooder room, mine start chatting up a storm, until they realize that I don't have a treat for them that very instant - then they stop and go back to what they were doing. I think that's all we are in their mind - walking all you can eat restaurants.

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