They don't like yogurt


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Deep in the heart of Dixie
I tried feeding my new chicks some yogurt for the probiotic benefits. They hated it..even seemed offended by it. I held it in a spoon with a heavy coating of crumbles on it and they investigated it, but then actually seemed to recoil from it! I finially got them to peck at it and they wiped their little beaks on the paper towel bedding like they just couldnt believe I had given it to them! I even got the good greek stuff! It looked good to me, like grape nuts cereal with yogurt... any tips for getting some into them? It looks like one of them has a little bit of poo stuck to its rear end and I really want to get some yogurt into their systems.
Mine never got into yogurt until they were about 4 weeks old. Then I they all fought to be the first to get it.
Mine won't touch yogurt either. I have offered it to them numerous times and they give me the stinky eye everytime.

If I put it on a plate and put it on the floor of the run, they won't even walk in it. They walk AROUND it.
I saw them clean their beaks the same way after they had an investigational peck at some poo...i figured they must have rated the yogurt on par with that
I will try more crumbles with less yogurt and let it sit for a wa also just out of the fridge so maybe the cool temperature was a turn off too
They are pretty young. All they really need are their crumbles. Mine wouldn't eat any treats except for some sand until 4 weeks or so. If one has pasty butt you need to clean it off. good luck.
I start all my chicks on yogurt as soon as they begin to eat. Remember, the first 2 - 3 days they are still absorbing the yolk, and they sleep alot.

I mix the yogurt into the starter crumbles. Make it like a slurry or a little thicker, but not too thick. Another thing I do is make boiled eggs, and then peel them and put the eggs in the blender or chop them up very fine. I add yogurt to the eggs, as well. With yogurt alone, it is just too sloppy, I have found. I always mix it in with something else. They all love it!
Mine started eating treats at 4 days and they go wild for all kinds of treats, but the first time I offered yogourt they reacted as yours did I waited a few days and tried again, this time w/ a little on my fingers letting them come and get it w/ o getting it on their feet, and now they LOVE it. They do need grit (small or sand) if eating treats though.
Mine reacted the same way for the first couple of days I was giving it them. They might be confused as to what it is (remember chickens aren't very bright especially if they are only a few days old). I say give them a few days of constantly giving it to them and they will get the idea and then swarm to it later. I love giving my birds yogurt because its so good for their digestion. Keep trying!

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