They don't want to leave the coop!

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    Jan 31, 2011
    We have 6 BO's that were born the first week of March of this year, and 5 Brahmas that were born the last week of March. In late May, we moved them all into the 8' x 10' coop we built for them and all was well. We open up the door in the morning and everyone leaves and roams freely on our multiple acres until dusk when everyone heads back inside and we shut the door. That has been the pattern until 2-3 weeks ago.

    Suddenly the Brahmas have no interest in leaving the coop. Instead they sit there all day on the same spot on the roost and just sit there. The 4 hens seem fine with this. The rooster however, goes in and out and seems to pace nervously around the coop as if he wants to be out but doesn't want to leave the girls.

    Tonight I took them all and put them outside. They frantically ran around and then came immediately back in. So I did it again, and again, they immediately came back in.

    So do I leave them alone or try to force them outside? I will mention that there it is actually warmer in the coop - I know it's been hot, but there is a nice breeze here today, and it seems like they would be more comfortable outside!
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    Sprinkle some treats in the run to encourage them to stay a bit. Something that they cannot resist (perhaps something familiar) black oil sunflower seeds or cheerios or raisins or mealworms or or or....
    That might help encourage them to stay outdoors. As to why? Is there a predator out there you're not seeing? (snake, coon, ?)

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