They found the open door...

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  1. I left the basement door open (opens to the outdoors) while I was out cleaning the coop. The girls, who are now 10 weeks old, were out wandering in the snow, enjoying some fresh air. Well, one of them found the open door to the heated basement and with in minutes, I had a flock of chickens inside enjoying the warm wood stove!! I felt bad kicking them back out into the 20 degree snowy day! I think I received the stink eye from every single one of them.
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  2. Not long after I got my RIRs and Sussexes (aka the Big Red Girls), my cat made a daring escape out into the chicken pen, which resulted in some hilarity as the cat ran from the chickens and the chickens ran from the cat. By the time I'd caught the marauder and put him back in the house, I realized that my biggest hen had somehow panicked and run INTO my house, and was now running laps to avoid 2 other cats and a Chihuahua puppy. Chaos!

    My OH slept right through it.

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