They got cabin fever....(pict. heavy)

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  1. and ran out of the coop today when I opened the door. For three days they snobbed their beaks at the snow and stayed in. I shoveled some yard for them today and off they went! for 4 of them it was their first snow. Broody Momma Princess went BROODY NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally and came out for her first foot in the snow. She was NOT happy.



    Poor Elly, stuck in the snow.....



    Sundance would only try and hop to the grass sections. She would not touch the snow. When she did by mistake, she screamed bloody murder! I had to go pick her up an carry her.....

    MayMay was NOT amused.


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    How cute!
    Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
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    Very nice photos and nice looking birds.
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    Where abouts are you located? Looks snowy.
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    Gorgeous photos and narrative!
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    Very pretty.
  7. Quote:Northeasts Ohio right on Lake Erie. We got about 11 inches dumped on us the other night.. I hate winters.....[​IMG]
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    hehehehe, I know exactly how they were. Went thru it last several winters (no snow yet...shhhh). Had to shovel paths for mine too. To get from one clear area to another, they'd flap flap flap flap [​IMG] to avoid having their piggies touch that awful white stuff. Then they couldn't figure how to get BACK to the coop later in the day [​IMG] so had to pick each one up individually and carry them to the coop. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] we are such suckers.....
  10. [​IMG]

    'oh my pooorrr tootsies are so cold!!!'

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