They grow so fast!


6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Caribou, Maine (almost in Canada!)
Chicks are 8 days old today, and I can't believe how quickly they are growing. Here come the wing feathers, and I think I see some tails sprouting as well!!

They won't be able to fit on one hand for long!

Little barred rock female

Silver laced polish

Fluffy butt

Welsummer on left, Speckled sussex on right (and in back)


Light Brahma next to mottled cochin bantam

cochin hiding under brahma!

All of them are named, some from my 4 year old, some from me.

Does the last one (Spaghetti) look like a light Brahma to you? Got them from Mypetchicken, but she seems really dark for a light brahma.
Adorable chicks! They do grow really fast, faster than you would think. In my opinion, Spaghetti is probably a Light-Brahma, but you won't know for sure until she gets older.
Beautiful photography too! What size lens did you use? I once tried to get chicks to stay in a basket but OmGosh it was hysterical!

I love all the pictures!!!!!

your pictures are amazing and your little brahma is a light Brahma my look the same, when her feathers start coming out you'll see the white!

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