They grow up so fast

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    Yesterday morning I woke up to a total mess in the brooder. They knocked over all the water and most of the food, lets just say it was a mess [​IMG] My DH finished the coop the day before and that got me thinking, they have all that big space out there, so I put the bedding, food, water, and of course heat (DH wired up the coop for me) The first batch of chicks are 4 weeks and the second 2 weeks, both groups pretty much feathered out. Plus it got up to 80 here yesterday! One by one I placed them into thier new home, of course there was a little squabble over who was going to be top bird out there, I think Lolly the Naked Neck won. Then they all started scratching and rolling and running around, yea they like it [​IMG] I kept checking on them throughout the day and all was good. Then when night came I turned on the light/heat just in case it got to cool. Around 10pm I went out to check on them, they were all over the coop passed out. When I got up this morning looked into the coop, they all running around eating, my babies are all grown [​IMG] Good thing I have 8 new little chickies in the brooder [​IMG]
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    Awwww, they're happy though!

    They grow up so quick but seem to take forever to lay an egg!

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