They KNOW who is the boss!!


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Winters, CA
Two of my hens have been jumping out of their run and on to our 4 foot chain link fence lately. The fence is covered with ivy, which houses lots of bugs, so I know why they do this. Everytime we see them, my 3 year old daughter stomps back there and tells them to get down. They totally ignore her, even as she yells "SHOO! SHOO GIRLS! GET DOWN!!"

Then big momma comes out. I'll walk out the back door and as soon as they see me, they start panicking and shoving eachother to get off the fence. It's quite amusing....they see me coming and they're all "oh no! It's the big lady! We better get down or she'll pick us up and put us down!!!"

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