They laid.. they laid.. I GOT ME THREE which are from who??


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va

I have laying now.. a redstar and two barnvelders
so I received 3 of my first eggs all within 24 hours.. whooohey

would the tan then be from the redstar/ and the speckled from the barnvelders????
whoot whoot thanks chook.. I appreciate that.. since before ya know.. all my chickens will start laying and wont have a clue which eggs go to whom..

I wanted you if you could to hop on over to the barnveldor thread.. I places some photos up .. to ask if my barnies are the standard and if their single or double lacing.. etc/ good coloring..etc/ since I know really nothing about them

let me know what you think... would you

big hugs
Some of my older hens, I have learned to spot the shapes they lay and id who laid which egg. You may figure it out. I wish I could ID all my eggs. Thought my broody was sitting on my cuckoo's egg but it turned out to be the Jersey girls egg.
Congratulations. As I am typing this my little Catalina 7mo old keeps going in and out of the nest boxes in the coop. I am hoping today is going to be the day she lays her first egg. Beautiful eggs BTW.
Isn't that the most exciting thing? I rememeber my first three-egg day. You'd think I laid them myself I was so proud.
We frequently get three eggs each day and I still get so excited. It's like finding a treasure each afternoon.
LOL.. I know.. my husband thinks I lost my mind. He is like their eggs... just eggs.. I am like nooooooooo you dont get it.. their are own eggs..its much different.. much much different...

but then he doesnt get much of anything LMAO these days.
have a blessed day
funny how I saw on the web barnies laying super dark chocolate colored eggs, now I didnt get them for that.. cause I am hoping my maran is a girl and will gimme those. wink wink

but they are super light with some speckles.. glad to know that is my barnies and the other then must be the wonderful red sex link

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