They made it...2 days early...lots of pics to come


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Palmerston North


this morning before I went to work


and this is what I came home to...


everyone made it and another 5 eggs to go that are a day or two behind...then another 5 eggs of the white campbell due next week... too much excitement

I am pleased that the hobavator is doing very well for me this time, pretty much 100% hatch except the one egg that aborted in the first week.
Congrats!! So much cuteness!!!!! I know and love that feeling of coming home to a bunch of newly hatched ducklings in the 'bator!! A warm fuzzy excited feeling in your heart. For me, that feeling waned after a few of weeks of brooder duty and came back the day they got to go outside.
I'm almost jealous. Almost.
They are rouen/pekin cross but I suspect some could be pure pekin...I bought the eggs from someone who run them together. I am breeding these for meat but two of them will go to a good home on my ex collegue's pond. I hope I don't get attached to them....
OHH I'm excited for mine and I hope and pray nothing goes wrong with this one! I was bad, I didn't do lock down yesterday, but today the orginal scheduled day(26) I for sure am, the egg hasn't been rocking since the night before last that I've seen. But I did shine the candler in it but didn't touch the egg completely, then I put it up to my ear, and I could hear scratching or maybe pecking sounds. So, I think it's still working it's way to the shell. Because I don't see any external pipping yet. I hope I do, tonight will be 48hrs from the time I noticed internal/rocking. I hope I'm not missing the external pipping. My ducklings are Rouen/Runner cross.

Oh and I finally got the temp regulated to 99-100 and the humidity is at approximately 82% in the Hova Bator. So now that I have settings perfect, believe me and trust me, I promise, promise today is for sure lock down, well as of last night it was. Just hearing the scratching/chewing was reassuring to me. But shouldn't it be opened by tonight? 48hrs from internal pipping?

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