They made it!


5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
my 4 little chicks successfully made it through the night. Its always a miracle when I make it through the night too! (I have a 14 month old working on her molars- yay!) I went and peaked at them first thing while hubby took morning baby duty, and I was SO happy to see them all drinking! All of yesterday I only saw them eat but never drink- I did dip the beaks but Im thinking the dish I was using maybe they couldnt see...It was a shallow white dish and I have them on paper towels. They all seem to be doing well, and I added some chick grit in a separate shallow bowl today and you would have thought I gave them candy! I just put my finger in the bowl and mix it up and the sound brought them running. I do wonder about my maran though, she seems to be the least active and by far the biggest, but Im assuming thats probably normal- no one is acting too cold or too hot and they are all snug under their brinsea

excuse their mess...this was minutes after I cleaned the whole thing

diapers AND cleaning a brooder- double duty...

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