"They need to ship tomorrow!" Giant GA Bobwhite Hatching Eggs SALE!

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    Rebel Roo here guys!

    I can't stand "Non-paying" Ebay lunkhead non-buyers [​IMG]

    OK... auction ended Saturday... And yeah, the lunkhead gets into a bidding war with good buyers... runs the price up a little high for what's gettin bid on and then... no answer to emails, no pay and I see that lunkhead is still bidding and buyin, just not paying me! Pardon the rant but here's what I got.
    I packed 30 exactly "Extremely fertile" Giant Ga. Bobwhite yesterday morning for shipment to lunkhead but I've got that sinking feelin in my gut about this guy... I want to ship these things out tomorrow to someone who needs some high quality Bobs hatching eggs!
    $17.00 to your door!
    Thanks! Rebel Roo
  2. kbeagle


    hey waddy, for that price i would take it. [​IMG]

    And i am serious about too. [​IMG]
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