They scared me to death last night!

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Oct 15, 2007
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First back ground story, I have an adult flock and I hatched some of their eggs and the chicks 13 of them (6 almost 7 wks old) are living in a cage in their coop.They where moved there after a raccoon got 6 siblings and the another one went missing after the move. Now to the story...

We got home from shopping and getting are hair cut and I go out to check on the flock and something by their door is moving (the door is open to let the adults free-range but they where already in bed) and I realize it is two of the chicks, with another one by the pen my first thought is "Oh no, please no" thinking something had broken in, got out there everyone was fine and the 3 chicks had just gotten lose.

Go out there to lock them up for the night. I go inside and close the door behind me to check on them and move my stubborn roo who insists on sleeping on the nesting boxs guarding the 2 broody hens. I look to where he is and there is a chick perched about 1ft. over from him
and then I look over and there is a bunch perched on top of the cage looking at me like "what?"
I look an my perch for the adults and there is another one perched there! I then got to play "round up and put backing their cage 13 ticked off screaming chicks". They seem to think that their ready to move in with the adults. Just Thought I would share their fun.


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Jul 27, 2008
I can just see it and appreciate you posting it, definitely gave me a smile today!

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