They started laying this week!!

Aunt Goaty

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Oct 18, 2017
Bowdon, Georgia
After going through all the work of hatching them in an incubator, raising them under the heat lamp, and getting them their own "home" outside, the chicks have graduated to laying!

Out of 12 eggs, 6 hatched, one of which we lost shortly after hatching. Of the five that hatched and survived, it looks like everyone of them turned out to be hens (I say this with some certainty because we have yet to hear the first crow). In the last week we have gotten 14 eggs between them.

Funny story from yesterday: My daughter went out to check for eggs, finding just one. One of the hens was in the coop as she was reaching for the egg and the hen ran over, stretched her head out, and knocked the egg out of my daughter's reach! Then the hen promptly sat on the egg! So my daughter decided she would go back out and check later in the day. Fast forward several hours, and daughter is back out there trying to gather any eggs. Now one of the OTHER hens is sitting on the egg laid and defended earlier by the first hen! So she walks away again. She goes out a third time a couple of hours later, and there were 4 eggs in the same "nest". 3 different sizes and colors, so at least 3 hens are laying all in the same spot.

We are planning to build (or buy) them something a bit bigger so that we can add a rooster to the mix eventually. We saw where someone had used an old trampoline frame and turned it into a chicken tractor. I thought that would be a great way to give them some extra space during the day without having to babysit them while they were out of the tiny run attached to the little coop we originally bought.

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