They still love me! 8 week old pictures


Apr 9, 2011
I was in the hospital all last week....boy how my babies have grown! I was taking a break from bed yesterday (excuse the pj's in the picture) and was getting some fresh air.....and all my babies came to roost on me

Here they are at 8 weeks....they look like chickens now LOL My sweet roo had to get up the highest....he is going to be quite the stud one day


Here is my EE Josie having a snooze....

thats adorable !
I hope mine are going to love me the way yours do ! I keep feeding them goodies, so they better ! ha
Glad you are home recooperating from your hospital stay !!!Dont overdo it !
Ahh so sweet. Mine are 10 weeks. My buff cochin bantam flew up tonight on my shoulder first time. She is really getting bold. Glad you are feeling well enough to be outside with your babies but then again thats the best medicine.
Thanks guys! I am taking it easy, but it did make me feel a bit better to hang out with my girls...and guy
If I didn't know better, I would say they missed me
Very nice looking chickens. So sweet they jump on your lap. Love the photo of the EE sleeping. Gotta make you smile.
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Awwww.....My chickens will do that too! Well, kind of! Right now they are 14, 13, 11 and 9 weeks old and they gather around us wherever we are ind they come jump on our laps if we are sitting down. It is soooo cute! Chickens are so funny!

And 1: We LOVE jammies!
And 2: Chickens are the BEST calming medicine! I was just diagnosed with lupus and having chicken time really calms my day and lets me clear my mind! Get better!!!! No more hospital!!!
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