They sure ain't Silkies! Cornish?


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I went to a small animal auction on 8-13-11 with my buddy. I bought a box of 10 silkie chicks for $7.50. When the auction was over, I paid for them, and went around back to pick them up. I said to my friend, "I wonder what colors they are?" and opened up the box... "WOAH! These ain't silkies!". Then I saw what happened: The box had been used before, and had "WHITE SILKIES" written in 3 inch letters, but was struck-through. Then, above that is written "cornish" in maybe 1 inch letters. From where the auctioneer was sitting, I'm sure all he saw was "SILKIES", so thats what he sold them as.

So my question is, are they really Cornish??? Also, How old do you think they are? Remember, I bought them 10 days ago. I took pics of the largest and smallest of the bunch. Here they are:



I guess my next question is, what the heck do I do with them?!?
Keep in mind that you do NOT have to butcher a pure Cornish. They can live long healthy lives and lay eggs(though not that many).
Yeah, I'm thinking about keeping a trio, but the wife doesn't really want to. She might change her mind when butchering time gets here, though!
They might be dark cornish. I dont know what the chicks look like, but I've hatched out some Dark cornish/game chicks and they looked like that. It does look like they have pea combs.

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