They sure are funny little creatures!


9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
Toms River NJ
I have 3 call ducks that are 9 weeks old. I have been using the mason jar waterers around their pen with fresh water and they have a 20 gallon tub for bathing. The mason jars have to be cleaned out and refilled at least 2-3 times a day. I wanted to get something larger so I don't have to clean out all these water jars every day. I bought a 3 gallon poutlry waterer. I keep their food inside their shelter but the water is kept right outside the shelter door so they dont make a mess with the water in the shelter.
The first day I had the poultry waterer in their pen the grey call was pacing back and forth in the shelter. They hardly go inside the shelter, except to eat. They are in a closed pen. I thought something was wrong with him because he didn't seem right. I realized he didn't want to come out the door passed the BIG poultry waterer! Day 2 they stayed away on the other side of the pen and drank from their swimming water. I decided I had to get them not afraid of the BIG poultry waterer. I put kale all around the bottom of the BIG poultry waterer. It took them about 5 hours before they would venture over to try the kale. Finally they started eating and drinking from the BIG waterer!
Hopefully they are over this and will continue to use the poultry waterer. I hate them drinking from the poopy swimming water!

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