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    May 2, 2009
    [​IMG] Ok, we have Orpintons. One just started laying (she's laid 2 so far) out of the 5 pullets. So, since I knew they were close to start, I started them on non-med layer pellets, switching from the growth crumbles. Since that day, they have hardly touched the pellets, and they seemed to free range a lot more. So I feel bad like I'm starving them, and take out a bowl of the old crumbles, and it's like a flock of vultures on it. Should I mix the crumbles WITH the pellets? Or should I put both in as free choice, and monitor which one they like best, and remove the lesser choice? Also, what about our Roo? does it matter to him what he gets? He does'nt seem too picky, but the 5 girls do. [​IMG]

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    mine did the same thing Ijust left the pellets for the day and
    they eventually went to it, I did add some chopped hard boiled eggs.I feed mine Purina Leyena pellets it has eveything the need for good growth and laying.Crumbles are too waste full to me and when they began to lay they no longer need the crumbles starter feed.
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    Ours dont like the pellets either. We feed them crumbles in a feed bowl and it works out great. We cut the bottom of a drum off about 4in. deep. We give them some pellets but they dont eat them as much, also give them scratch grain with there crumbles at times to give them alittle variaty in there diet.
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    I had the opposite happen. When I switched to pellets, I mixed the two to ease the transition. Mine picked out the pellets and left the crumbles behind. I had to not add more pellets until they cleaned their plates so they would eat the crumbles. I did not want old food staying in their feeder and getting old and losing its nutritional value. We all have different experiences.

    You can try mixing something they like with the pellets and they will probably learn to eat them. It's hard to imagine chickens not chowing down on anything that is food once they realize it is food.

    Most everybody lets the rooster eat whatever the hens are eating. You can't stop it anyway. I recommend not adding extra oyster shell to the food and forcing any of the chickens, expecially the rooster, to eat more than they need. If you offer extra calcium, offer oyster shell on the side so they can eat more only if they want it. Sometimes you'll see the rooster eating extra too.
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    May 2, 2009
    We do about 2 cups of scratch a day in a 1200 sq ft run, for 6 birds. I'm going to get layer crumbles today, and see which they like best. Thanks!
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    If you cannot get a crumble version of layer (smaller size pellets) then mix the two slowly easing off the grower by mixing less and less in with the layer... mix just enough cooked oatmeal in with it to make it all stick together (so they cant pick out the one and leave the other).
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  7. I used the water method. Just moisten for a few days and feed in a stock bowl. Now, they gobble them as though it were caviar. [​IMG]
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    May 2, 2009
    HEY ! Great ideas! Thanks peeple! I thought of busting them up a bit in a mortar / pestle too, but too much werk.

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