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  1. I've recently integrated my silkies into the coop with 2 older chickens. The older ones seems to be behaving themselves. They got testy for a day or 2 but they never pecked the babies or kept them from food. But unfortunately, the silkie babies won't leave the coop. Sometimes 1 or 2 of them wander out but they stay right in the coop for the most part. I understand why they wouldn't on a chilly day but yesterday was about 80* and only one came out to wander around. Any ideas why or what I should do? Should I shoo them out on a nice day or let them figure it out on their own?
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    Just let them be chicks. They will go out when they are ready. My only thought is how do they get out? If there is a rise or some other physical blockage to them getting out that might be keeping them in.
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    Quote:Its all about getting comfortable. They will when they are ready. You can bait them out with treats and that may work?

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    are they going out to free range, or into a run with the bigger birds? Maybe if that's it, place some obstacles for them to hide
  5. They have a ramp that takes them out into their run. They have a huge run that encompasses apple trees and stumps and other "toys" for them. LoL they pretty much have a perfect run. They are sharing it with two other chickens that are a few weeks older than them. They also have hiding places inside the coop but the older guys don't bother them much.
    But you were all right. I came home tonight and found about 6 of the 13 hanging outside. Guess they're learning their way around now.
    [​IMG] Thanks everyone
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    Sounds like a great set up! I would just let them explore on their own.When I let my hens roam they never went to far from the shed,but now they are all over the acre lot.

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