They're all gone.

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  1. Haviris

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    Sep 4, 2007
    The schnauzer puppies, well Tina is still here but only because her new family isn't quite ready for her. I'm sad, I miss them.

    So my dad was planning to keep one, he already had Mojo who is a black and white male, so he wanted something different, he wanted a chocolate and white female. No problem w/ the female thing, 4 out of 5 were female, and two chocolates. So he'd come over nearly everyday to spend time w/ the two to see which was "the one" after a few weeks he was clearly leaning towards Marly, he even named her (actually he was thinking Marlaina(?) or something like that, but wanted something shorter so I suggested Marly, not sure he liked it, he didn't say, but I started calling her that from then on and it stuck!).

    I love all of them, and wouldn't say I like anyone over the other, but apparently I let my guard down and got attached to Marly, she was supposed to be part of the family after all. Then he changed his mind!! He's not supposed to do that! At 8 weeks old he desided to take Josey instead! Now Josey is great! She was my pick right from birth! But I had accepted that she wasn't staying, Marly on the other hand I just didn't think I could see her go. He ended up taking Josey and Bethany home w/ him, he figured it may help her adjust if he took a sibling for a few days. Can you guess what happened next? He changed his mind again, first he went back and forth trying to deside which to keep (even considering keeping both), finally after a couple weeks desided to go w/ Bethany.

    Anyway Josey had been at his house and I wasn't seeing her everyday (also realizing how wishy washy he was, I knew better then to get attached to another one until it was final) so it was easier to let her go, BUT I was already planning to convience mom to keep Marly, and it was working!

    So anyway Friday little Josey left, they got to see her, Marly, and Tina. They left and called back half and hour or so later, another family member desided they wanted one to. Mom did consult w/ me and my sister since we were both pushing to get her to keep her, we both reluctantly gave the go ahead, and we let her go. They won't live together but they will both be in the same family which will be nice for them. Mom even said if they hadn't bought her she would have probably kept her (even though this whole time she's said she wasn't keeping any).

    So anyway now we just have the one, who already has a home. It's different going from three to one, easier in some ways, but I know it's going to be harder not to get attached.

    Sorry that was long, just can't believe how it all worked, and that Marly is no longer here.

    Here is a pic of Marly and Tina,
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    Oct 9, 2008
    Dutch Flat, CA
    Awww I loved those pups.... I wanted Bethany... glad your dad kept her... maybe you can post pics of her again later, I'd love to see how she looks all grown up. I'll be ready for another puppy in about 2 years... gonna have to look for a parti schnauzer... will your dad be breeding bethany?? [​IMG]

  3. Haviris

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Bethany is a sweetie and I will be able to get lots of pics as she grows! She will be spayed when she's old enough so no puppies for her.

    My mom "might" breed her other girl Sugar at some point (probably early next year). So we might do this again, we'll see. Sugar is a chocolate white, parti is recessive so if she doesn't have it there won't be any spotty babies, BUT she does have parti in her pedigree, so it's possible! Not sure how the white works though so no idea what colors we'll end up with with her.

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