they're choosing not to freerange

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    well, this is my 1st winter (as an adult) owning chickens. and it's been cold feels like jan or feb weather already. my girls just hang out by their coop. i never see them scratching around in the yard, taking dirt baths etc like i use to. if the silly girls would go in the sunshine they'd be warmer! the coop is at the side of my house, so when i go out to visit them, they're either in the coop, or inches from the front door, scratching in the dirt. sometimes i'll make a treat for them, open the sliding glass door to my house and call them for a treat. they will come running, take a couple bites, then go back to the coop. we don't even have snow on the ground. they won't make this a habit will they? and when spring gets here...stay in their coop?? i doubt they would do that. AND, a couple days ago i made them some oatmeal and brought it out to them nice and warm....they just looked at it and shook their heads. Cricket was the brave one and took one small peck.....kinda like when u make a child try something new and they only put the tip of their tongue on the new food? and that was IT! but today i fed them yogurt mixed with peanut butter (which is one of their favorites) and they ate MOST of it, but not all....they're arn't eating their treats like they use to either.

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    It will take them awhile. This is all new to them also. Little by little they will explore. Come spring, they will be out and about as usual. With all the new plants and bugs to eat, they will be back to normal. It took mine a few weeks to come out into the snow.
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