They're getting pink, they're getting pink!!!

Justanother Brooke

8 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Goldendale, WA
No squats yet, but look how red the girls wattles and combs are looking! How much longer, any guesses?

Poppy (EE mix?)

Buttercup (no idea, ha ha!)

By the way, these are our "mystery" chickens, that we aren't really sure how old they are. We got them the very end of January, and the wife thought they were around 6 months old, and the husband corrected her and said they were maybe 3 months old, which would put them around 4 1/2 months old now.
One of mine started laying at the weekend & her comb was really red for about 2-3 weeks prior to laying, so hopefully wont be to long for you now.
Until I read your thread I forgot just how much fun it was to get that first egg! Thanks for reminding me.
When they get really red, then you still have a few more weeks to wait...... I'm still waiting on six of my girls. They got red about 2 weeks ago, but no real growth of the combs and wattles yet. I find that they will get red first, then you'll see the combs and wattles grow and then you will get eggs within a few weeks....
Cute, cute pics. My EE's comb started getting red, but didn't get very deep red before she started laying. She is one good layer, that girl, with her green eggs with a sky blue interior.

So it may not be long before your girl starts laying. It's so much fun!
Out of all my 7 pullets that are laying, only one had a red comb when she started laying. They all started laying at 17 to 20 weeks old (now they are all 24 weeks) and some of there combs are still barely pink. I've heard they lay earlier b/c I have a rooster?

Poppy has EE cheeks.

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