They're getting so FAT!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, May 26, 2010.

  1. Bleenie

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    3 days ago I talked to a neighbor, They had rescued a pair of ducks and momma started laying & brooding right away and hatched out lots of cuties. Mom is Rouen & dad is Pekin. I went over and picked up 5 of them, they kept 2, and the rest were going to a special child. They were in a good sized pen with plenty of grass to forrage but they did get feed too(no idea what kind).

    They were 2 weeks when i got them and I have only had them 3 days but MAN!! they have gotten to be such fat little things! I am just amazed how heavy they now look in the chest & underbelly!

    I have raised Pekins before but never Rouens..i never noticed this 'heaviness' with pekin ducklings so does this come more from the Rouen side? I did not see dad up close so maybe he was a Jumbo Pekin??

    they're just so fat now! [​IMG]
  2. maralynn28

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    Yeah, that's one thing I noticed about rouen, they are REAL low to the ground. lol
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    Pic's of the fatties!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Rouens were the original meat duck before Pekins took over. So yeah, you are going to have some little chunkers on your hands!
  5. Bleenie

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    Here they are 2 days ago:

    TODAY, look at that belly, its so droopy already!

    The boys are obviously bigger than the girls (and i think i have 3 boys) but i am still in awe..i thought my Muscovies were fatties [​IMG]
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  6. AmyinNC

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    Oh they are all so cute....chubbiness included [​IMG]
  7. Red Maple Farms

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    I don't really see it yet. However, are you planning for it to look like this guy here? This duck is an eight pounder.

  8. Bleenie

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    I think i got one of the girls in that last pic but, I couldnt get a great pic of them, they're still pretty shy of people. I don't plan on eating them, they'll just be pets and i will have to rehome the boys later on, unless i change my mind [​IMG] . I think my mom may want 1-2ducks so she might take 2 boys.

    I noticed that they pant a lot. they have plenty of water but they will lay under the light & pant. wouldnt they move if they were too warm??

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