they're hardly eating any feed?!

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    Mar 1, 2009
    My 15 eight week old chickens used to need their feed tray filled a few times a day when they were younger. They were started on medicated feed, then I switched to an organic non-medicated feed at about 6 weeks. This feed looked like much higher quality and I could actually see the flax and other yummy things in it. At the same time they were starting to be outside eating grass, etc. So at that time they did not each nearly as much feed as they had been, and I wasn't sure if it was on account of the switch in food or their foraging for additional things outside. Also, they don't seem to be interested in eating any kitchen scraps of veggies I throw in the run. I had to switch started feeds again a few days ago because my local shop was out of the last organic stuff I got, and now they're hardly touching it. Should I assume they'll be a transition period and then they'll adjust? Shouldn't them be eating more feed as they age, not less? Thanks!
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    If your hens have access to bugs, grass,ect. they tend to eat much less feed. Some people don't even offer it en the summer if they are free range. I always have feed available but they are more interested in what they find. I am surprised they don,t eat your table scraps, my hens and roos come running any time the see me with a pail or dish in my hand! they seem to know how much feed they need. I wouldn't worry ,as long as it is available for them.

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