They're hatching!- too much humidity


Nov 4, 2017
I'm on day 21 and 17 of 44 are out (started midday yesterday). The hatching has slowed....
There are 7 that pipped in the night that haven't come out yet.
My humidity keeps going up to 77-85% with the hatching so I have been letting some out (each time when I move pairs to brooder).
I'm trying to keep it at about 62-70. I have no Maran eggs this time. Mostly EE, and some bought speckled Sussex eggs.

Is it a 12 hour rule (chick should be out 12 hours after pip)- max?
I do not want to end up with 20 full grown chicks in their shells.
I only cancelled the lightest eggs, too hard to see thru some of my blues.

Should I start scratching and chipping at egg shells?


Feb 5, 2018
Feather Falls, CA
I'm hatching right now. I noticed external piping on one egg last night. This morning I had a chick, but it was not the one that piped last nite! One more hatched before that first one finally unzipped and got out of it's shell. So she was the first to pip, but third to actually hatch. It can take 24 hours, or 2 hours, it depends on the strength of the chick. Good Luck!

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