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Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by bobdmann, May 5, 2009.

  1. bobdmann

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    Apr 27, 2009
    Chesterville O-H-I-O
    Thanks:thumbsup 4H mom for the beautiful chickens and roo.Yes:woot thats right they're here and our advatar is the new additions to our fam.Whatcha think everyone?Anyone out there have Bantam Buff Brahams?Our rooster doesn't seem to want to get in the coop/perch he'd rather hang out in front of the door of the coop at night and anytime the ladies are in their nesting boxes.Is this typical?:confused:We've decided on getting a metal feeding box for them,any advice on where we should put it? To all those Peeps out there have a nice day. [​IMG]
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    Aug 3, 2007
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    Your welcome. Glad to hear things are going well. You should post this in the Pic. and stories, Family Life, or Chicken Behaviors, more people would have seen it there. Good Luck! If your kids need any help with showing, we will be happy to help. [​IMG]

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