They're Now Laying...


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8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
Orem, Utah
Okay, 4 of our 7our girls have started laying - six weeks sooner than we thought! So now I have a few questions...

1) Do the eggs start small and get bigger after a while? Reason I ask is I am getting some pretty small eggs. I have 2 Easter Eggers and I knew some of our layers would lay some small eggs, but these seem SO small.

2) Is it typical for the hens to kick all bedding out of the nesting boxes when laying? I am using wood chips, but they just scratch it completely out. Is there something better I could use, or does it matter? Straw?

3) Ok, I have been tossing handfuls of grass into their coop and they go nuts for it (and leaves from our trees, etc.). Is this okay or is it too much 'green' for them? They just seem to like it so much I want to make sure it's not going to cause bloating or anything (sorry, I know it's a goofy question).

4) On the frustrating side, the hens have figured out how to dissasemble their hainging feeder. Duct tape seemed to have worked (so far, anyway).

I am still so facinated with these girls. What a bunch of funny, fancy ladies

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