They're worse than teenagers!

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    I had some sort of old leftover pizza....not bad, just a little old for my liking. No mold or stinkiness.....just past the human consumption expiration date, you know? It was about probably a medium pizza and a half of another medium pizza. Meant to put it in the freezer for later but forgot....anywho, threw it out to the chickens tonight. Holy cow, they are worse than teenagers. I think the entire pizza was gone in less than 5 minutes. It was like a pack of wolves.....aka pack of teenagers....LOL.

    I would have gotten pix but by the time I finished tossing the slices around the yard, I didn't have time to get the camera out before it was all gone.
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    Jul 19, 2010
    My hens too!
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    ha mine displayed another teenage eating trait when i gave them pizzas, fussy eating. we got given a stack of meatlovers pizzas and with me and my fiancée both being vegetarian they got fed to the girls. they selectively ate off their favourite bits of the toppings (all the meat and then the cheese eventually) and left the rest for the dog...
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    Jul 19, 2010
    Quote:Yea sometimes the dog eat the pizza before the hens do!!

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