they've hatched 2/3 now with pics page 2


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
i put 5 eggs under my broody hen tonight im very excited. they will be due around the 28th so they will be halloween babies. the momma button her year old birthday is tomorrow so its a pretty nice present. just thought i should say it lol.
they can also be rir crossed with barred rocks
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I sent my quail eggs to another person who has more experience in raising quail just hope that they got to her okay. I will try again when I have more room in my incubator right now Ive got seven blue silkie eggs, 8 blue& Splash polish eggs, three of my Australorp and Dark Cornish bantam , and one dark cornish egg. And then in my other incubator I have three of those Crele Old English Game ...

I looked it up on Breed, Genetics in the forum. Most likley your chicks will be black sex link ???? Not 100% sure though it tells you what you would get if you cross this breed with this breed. Whos the dad the RIR or the Barred Rock??????
Cool yeah i would check out that or even ask someone who knows their chickens a whole lot better than me lol... good luck with them though and make sure you post plenty of pics

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