Thick, bubbly saliva and gurgling sounds in rooster


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Feb 29, 2016
So, my six month old Ameraucana rooster has had thick, bubbly saliva since yesterday morning. I ran and got him some activated charcoal yesterday, thinking he'd just gotten into something toxic (they free range in our backyard). He drank some in water and had some in some watery oats I gave him to ease any throat irritation. He seemed fine after that and I figured just drinking the water helped. He hadn't been eating, but did after that.

He was freaking out more than usual in response to me putting his no crow collar back on last night (I took it off when he seemed to have throat related issues.). So, I brought him in and kept him in our utility room overnight. I didn't remove the collar because I knew it wasn't too tight (a little too loose if anything). This morning I came down to find him still trying to get out of the thing.

He's totally fine when sitting in my lap. He breathes fine and is calm. I've had him like this for the past 15-20 minutes.The exception being that he's still got the thick saliva and doing this swallowing motion a lot. When I first tried to let him out this morning, he was shaking his head like yesterday so streams of thick, bubbly saliva would fling out. I've had him drinking water with acv.

I keep hearing this bubbly/gurgly sound from deep inside his throat. Could it be sour crop? I can't feel his crop, so I don't think it's impacted, though I'm not that experienced either. Thoughts?
I'll also add that he hasn't been crowing, except yesterday afternoon right after I got him to drink that water. He normally crows every morning like clockwork.
And diarrhea! Forgot that. He looks physically fine, except for the saliva. My other chickens were fine as of last night and I have him quarantined now, just in case.
Hi there, I am no expert but I am currently treating my girls at the moment for respiratory problems sounding almost identical. They are having soluble Tylan in their drinking water. Three days of treatment so far and they seem better. i have to treat them for seven days, then dispose of their eggs for seven more days afterwards. I'm hoping the treatment is successful, I have read many good reviews. The problem you describe sound just the same, lots of mucus, bubbly nostrils, shaking head and the dreadful gurgley sounds, worse at night. Hope this helps.

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