Thick mucus in beak and sollen head


9 Years
Jun 20, 2011
Lahore , Pakistan
Dear members,
I have recently lost few chicken due to this disease, So far i am unable to pinpoint the disease. listed below are some symptoms and conditions. Can any one help me in this regards please.

Outside air temperature: 36 Celsius
Humidity: 27 %
Bedding: wood shavings
Air circulation in coop: very good

Day 1
Chicken seems lethargic.Just sitting in one place.
Eyes and wattle seems OK. Breathing OK.

Day 2
Thick clear mucus discharge from the beak, difficult breathing.

Day 2 Evening,
Head heavily swollen in few hours. mucus blocking the respiratory passage, heavy breathing.

Day 2 Night,
Game over

Tried to treat with Tylosin tartrate, Erythromycin and Furaltadone combination.dissolved in drinking water.

Also tried a homeopathic medicine Aconite 30 given separately.

Nothing seems to work . suffered heavy mortality.

any clues what could this be ?

Do they have a smell to them when you pick them up? (smelling their heads) Also do they have dried snot on the back under the wing?
Yes, there was a smell like burnt match stick but not very strong. you can only feel the odor when you smell their head.
My coop is in my backyard, base of the coop is of cement and i have about 1.5 inch if wood shavings on it. There is no problem of rodents.
Coop is very clean and i change wood shavings every fourth day.

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