Thick sore/callus on side of breast


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May 11, 2011
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I have been treating my hen (3 yo Cochin X bantam) for scaley leg mite with Vaseline because her legs were looking thick and she was starting to limp. I checked her feet for Bumblefoot and could not see anything. She has also gotten a bit skinny but still eating well. She constantly picks under her, I thought it was because of the Vaseline on her feathers, and the shavings sticking to her. But this morning I noticed she is missing quite a few feathers (big bald patch) right in front, where her crop is. Also just to the side is a horrible thick scab, callus thing. It is dark red, and lumpy. I don't think it was ever wet or gooey or open at all. I started putting Neosporin on it and started her on Penicillin. She isn't herself, she is still eating, but off, tail feathers droopy. She perches at night. I took a photo, her feathers are awful looking because of the Vaseline and her dustbath stuff

. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks for the link, I looked around a bit and it seems like this is what she may have (breast button). I don't know what may have caused it? Her coop is quite clean and dry and warm, and only one other hen in there. Any idea how I should treat? Should I give her a nice warm bath? and continue with the Neosporin/Penn G? She seems to pick at herself alot. Anybody else have experience with breast buttons? Hers is about 3 inches across and about a half inch thick, very dry and awful looking.
Oh My God
... I've been going nuts worrying about my little pullet and she has EXACTLY the same thing as your chicken. As soon as I saw the picture, I recognized it. Same symptoms too: not herself, never comes for treats anymore, still active enough but has gotten a little thinner.

Please, please tell me you have good news ... what's been going on with your little bird? Have you found a treatment? Are things better?

Even though it still stinks, I'm relieved to see someone else has the same problem... Maybe we'll be able to solve it together!
My hen is doing ok. The growth is still there. I stopped treating it like an infection as it is just dry and hard, not smelly or oozy at all. It is still rather large, and when she lifts her right leg up to take a step, she catches it on the growth, and then stumbles a bit. She has stopped pulling and eating her feathers, not sure if that is related at all. I have been giving her a few drops of liquid baby vitamin every day, I think that helped her stop pulling and eating her feathers. She eats well, but is still on the thin side. So overall, she is not suffering, or looking really sick, but still not her normal self. Can you post photos of your hen? Was she injured at all before the growth happened? Does yours seem infected at all?
try pedipaw to trim her nails back so she might not catch the lump as she walks. I have a meatie/ Bo cross that broke his foot and ended up with a blister on his brest bone from laying down alot to avoid walking. His never looked like this.

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