Thin four month old guinea

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    I have a four month old guinea i bought from a friend, all of her birds are healthy and fed medicated feed as well as mine. I got her and two others those two are fine but this girl is skin on bones. She has energy and oomph to her but no weight.
    I weighed her and her total body weight is 2lbs 6 oz.
    She eats like a horse both wet and dry poultry layer feed and treats like egg, oatmeal or bugs. She is still in that 6 week transition period and isnt allowed to run my property until i am sure she and the two others return with my main guinea flock.

    I am worried she might have a tapeworm but have seen nothing in her poop. I do have panecure dewormer for horses which i use on my bearded dragons once a year. Is it safe to try it on her while i have her in a medi box in my house?

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