Thin White Worms In Rooster's Poop?


Jan 11, 2018
Hi everyone! I recently rescued a rooster for a couple of weeks. The poor little guy can't catch a break haha. I at first was just going to keep him for a little while in order to heal up his leg, which we found out had arthritis or chronic soft tissue. Then he got beat up by one of my hens and we found mites on him. So currently, he is on a pain killer for his leg, antibiotics for the minor wounds that my hen inflicted, and a mite powder. Well, today he pooped and I noticed that it was a little bit more watery than usual. Then I saw dozens of thin, white, rice-like worms wiggling around in the poop. Ugh, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. The worms stopped moving after a couple of seconds. I called my vet to ask what they were, but they are closed today. So, I was wondering what they were and if they are a danger to the rooster or my other hens, since he was in contact with them for about an hour. Also, are they transmittable to people? I'm just kind of wondering what they are haha. I feel so bad for the poor guy, he just can't catch a break. How long will it take to get rid of the worms, since I was hoping that we could bring him back to the rescue sometime next week.
Thanks everyone!


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It sounds like possible tapeworm. They are segmented, and each segment is seen as short flat wiggling specks. They are not tranmittable to humans. They are usually spread by a host, such as snails or slugs. A wormer containing praziquantel is what you need to treat him with. Equimax or Zimectrin Gold both contain that. I will have to look up the dosage. I doubt that he can spread it to your other birds, since it requires the snail or slug delivery host. I would pick up droppings and dispose of them right after you treat him for a few days.

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