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  1. Tbjenkins2007

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Tucson, AZ
    Can they even lay eggs without a rooster?

    I think brown eggs taste better than white eggs.

    I can’t eat green or blue eggs, they’re too pretty.

    Does egg color affect egg taste?

    Aren’t all eggs just bleached white?

    My life....
  2. danceswithronin

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    May 24, 2018
    The chickens-only-lay-eggs-with-a-rooster misconception always astounds me. I feel like I know more people who don't know chickens lay unfertilized eggs than do.

    Like how is it not common knowledge how eggs work, they're practically their own food group.
  3. chrissynemetz

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    Dec 19, 2013
    Olathe Colorado
    Yes!!! All of the above. And is it safe to eat eggs if they're fertilized..
    Sometimes it amazes me lol :gig
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  4. TweedyChick

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    May 18, 2019
    Essonnes, France
    The thing about bleaching eggs doesn't surprise me. I never realized (until I came to live here in Europe) that commercially produced eggs in the US are washed, and therefore MUST be refrigerated to prevent them going bad. Always was a surprise to just see cartons of eggs stacked up in the grocery stores here. (And yes, the eggs here taste better, too.)
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  5. Biddybot

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    Aug 4, 2018
    HRM, Nova Scotia, Canada
    I've heard the bit about hens needing a rooster to lay eggs so often that I've gotten completely fed up with it. What I normally say back now is, "Do you think nuns in a convent stop ovulating and experiencing menstrual cycles because THEY don't have a man around?" This at least forces the person asking to actually THINK for once and maybe realize what a nitwit question it is that they've just asked. Yeah, I'm mean this way...

    (And don't get me going on the folks who think dairy cows provide milk 24/7 and all year round because they're 'bred that way'. The fact that cows need to give birth to a calf in order to lactate normally and healthily for a given period of time JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER MAMMAL, INCLUDING HUMANS, astounds such people...)

    The oddest thing I get asked about chickens--and this may be a regional thing--is whether I have to clip off my roosters' spurs because, well, it's the law, right? I have no idea where this comes from and neither do the people asking, really. They just shrug and say they 'heard it somewhere'. I think it MAY be an assumption that some people acquire subconsciously from all the artistic renditions of roosters they see...all the whimsical, decorative paintings, drawings, figurines, etc, that are popular right now. You know what a lot of them have in common? Exactly...the roosters rarely have spurs! I don't know why this is. I can understand it some when it's a figurine, but why leave them off when it's a painting of an otherwise beautiful stately mature rooster? I only have one collection of paintings by an artist who always puts spurs on her rooster subjects. All the other work I've collected over the years...all the males are spurless! (Though otherwise very attractive...)
  6. Tbjenkins2007

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Tucson, AZ
    Now that you mention the spurs giving you’re right! I recently saw a tasteful male nude series. And I realized they friggen edited out all of the mens testicles! I know they aren’t the most attractive things BUT just do it the right way....
    roosters have spurs.... i have thought I’d removing my jerks spurs, but decided against it!

    It’s comical some of the remarks I get.
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  7. killeengreen

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    Jun 5, 2019
    Summerland, BC
    I admit that I took a little too much pleasure in telling my "know it all" brother in law that hens don't in fact need a rooster to lay eggs.
  8. This one will make you sad:
    A lady visiting a farm fell in love with a broody and her chicks. The farmer sold her the bunch of them. A week later she appeared back at the farm madder than a wet hen because all the chicks had died and it just had to be because the "farmer sold her sick chickens"
    Further questioning revealed that she thought hens had mamory glands and fed there chicks in that manner..... she had not supplied them with any chick food.
    I told you it was sad, and true.

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