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May 8, 2011
Hi- I have read LOTS of things about pet chickens and have quite a few myself - BUT!!!
I have suddenly been put in a position that I am now in charge of our Family Fair's- pet chicken competition! :rolleyes:Ummmm- I love chickens- I love going to chicken shows- BUT- how do I tell the judge what to look for in a PET chicken? Its a quirky, fun show- so we dont have the regulations needed for a proper show- BUT- can anyone give me some ideas about what to look for? Other than friendly and cute? THANKS SO MUCH!


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May 25, 2009
Sorry, I don't have much for you.

I guess, you could start with how healthy the birds look - clear eyes, clean, feathers in good condition .... clean legs ... No mites/pests (if you can handle them) - but if the bird is molting, they'll need to be able to tell, or at least ask - if the bird is in molt since that is not a poor feather condition.

Disposition .... is the bird perky and active ? is it supposed to be (some are more laid back ....) or is it just sitting with it's eyes closed ...

Maybe someone else will come up with something ... Since you aren't really judging on breed standards - more on the care of the birds I would say.

Kinda like dog shows for kids - the dogs themselves aren't really judged by their breed standards, but how well they respond to the kids/handlers.

I would also say, that each chicken should be checked prior to being allowed to enter - since there are some nasty diseases that could infect someone elses flock.

A quick check for eye/nose discharge and a "family history" so to say questionairre filled out by the owner on any past illnesses/issues may be helpful as well. Possibly a brief waiver that they are showing at their own risk and any illness, past or present, known or unknown, in any bird at the show is a possiblity and that they acknowledge that there is a risk involved and will hold harmless any and all persons involved with the show.

I know most shows require that all birds be tested for certain illnesses or they can't be shown - and if they have mites/lice they can't be shown.

Just trying to think of the CYA stuff too ....

Maybe you could make it fun - have different awards for say - silliest chicken - prettiest chicken - biggest - smallest .... etc.
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