Things we should know about the Post Office

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  1. I am posting my things one should know about sending eggs.... anyone else please add to this......
    1. Do not put eggs in a flat rate box unless you are sending it flat rate with flate rate postage paid!! Why because the receiver then has to pay the postage due, because your post office person is as picky as mine!!!
    2. When you get the scambled eggs make sure to THANK your postal people for READING Fragile hand with care or Babies on Board!!!!
    3. You can never ever have too much bubble wrap!! Because they like to play ball with your boxes that are marked BECAREFUL AND FRAGILE OR HATCHING EGGS :mad:
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    May 15, 2008
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    I got 19 eggs from FL....they all looked fine so.....i put them under 2 broody hens. Well..........i got 1 chick!!!! The lady has a very good reputation, and i don't think it was anything she did.......and the broody hens did it had to been something that happend on the trip... [​IMG]
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    I have worked around USPS, FedEx, and UPS personnel and watched how all of them treat boxes labeled fragile. It is terrible despite what anyone may say to the contrary. In fact, as a teenager I had a job washing FedEx trucks and saw someone accidentally drop a box labeled fragile. They then dropped it again on purpose and several of them kicked it around a bit, joking the whole time that it was probably someone's priceless heirloom glasses that had been in the family for hundreds of years. At Christmas time, I have watched trucks being loaded by USPS employees. They were hurling any and all boxes, some specifically marked as FRAGILE, as far as 10 feet into carts that were then loaded onto the mail trucks. I can't think of anything specific for UPS, but I have witnessed them handle things just as bad in the past.
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    So why do they hire morons and why do the morons get away with destroying property?
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    My mailman shared some things with my husband and I the other day when he was delivering my quail eggs.

    He asked me if I am making alot of money hatching eggs. [​IMG]

    He asked me if temperature mattered to the eggs because it is hotter than heck in the back of their trucks.
    (yes, it matters- please keep my eggs in a cool area of your truck)
    He said- you know the boxes are tossed everywhere- right? That is how they get sorted, they arelliterally tossed around from belt to cart to truck.

    He said- writing DO NOT X-RAY makes your box suspicious, and more likely to be x-rayed (the box he delivered said DO NOT X-RAY)

    Now that said- I have a box of eggs that were shipped out to me on Wednesday morning, from seven hours away...that has not been delivered yet. I thought for sure it would have been here yesterday. I have no idea if they will be any good when I get them now. [​IMG]
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    'spose we print this and give it to our postal/fedx/ups etc drivers? Respect for anothers belongings - what ever it is has gone down the drain. Like you are giving them a challenge "fragile, don't drop" so now they have to drop.
    I say this not only for what the topic is, postal delivery folks, but as John Q. Public, each spring I block the top of our yard when the glacier (not really) is melting, its muddier then a 4x4 pit at a mud run. So to avoid the ruts and filling in the yard, we ask people not to drive up. So many times people will drive around the baracades and then proudly say "I did it". I feel like saying YOU IDIOT- it wasn't a challenge! (as you can hear the bubbles coming from beneath the auto).
    Its a shame that each one of us teaches tolerance, respect and to not always challenge everyone to prove your point.
    I still say you should print this off, send it to the head hauncho's , get them involved.
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    Quote:Keep in mind that Friday was a holiday = no mail. I know our processing plant (district hub) was not even supposed to be open to move mail Friday. Turns out it was, though and we had a MASSIVE amount of mail to deliver yesterday (most of us got back late due to it). So I wonder if some others weren't open, too and that's the delay.

    Quote:Yeah...not so much. Printing this thread (especially the first post!) and giving it to someone that is already treating your packages like that is like painting a big ole' red target on all of your fragile packages saying KICK ME HARDER!!!

    I, personally, treat all of my packages the way I want MINE treated, but if someone gave me this post, it would definitely not put me in a kind frame of mind towards the customer. I still wouldn't treat the packages badly, but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way above and beyond to get them a package or important letter, etc. the way that I do now. I'd do just want I have to in order to fulfill my job and nothing more.

    Quite frankly, reading most of the posts on this board about postal workers, I'm glad I'm not the carrier for most of you all! [​IMG] And maybe we're an odditity, but I have not seen anyone doing anything bad towards packages. Now, one lady did drop a large package yesterday, but 1)it wasn't fragile and 2)it wasn't intentional. B/c we were so overloaded yesterday, her buggy was wayyyy overloaded and when she went down the ramp, things started falling off of her buggy. :-( Not a good way to start the day when you're already leaving the office 2+ hours later than normal due to the mail volume.

    As far as keeping eggs in a cool place on the "truck". That doesn't exist during the Summer on rural carriers cars mostly. Not sure about LLV's. I did have a big package yesterday marked FRAGILE. I babied that sucker. It went in the trunk with nothing else touching it. I had other boxes, too, but kept that one seperate. It was the last road on my route. When I got there to deliver it...I realized it DID say fragile, but it was a recycled box and they'd marked it out on one side. Ah well, that box was handled with kid gloves yesterday! hehe
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    I realized that there isn't a cool spot on the truck- but I am at the end of his route...I never get my mail before 4:30- isn't 5:00 quittin' time?
    I like my mail carrier, and we joke all the time because my giant tortoise scared him half to death- he thought he was a statue until he moved. lololololololol...

    However nice you are to packages doesn't mean the others were nice to them before you got them (ie: your coworker overfilling her cart so that everything was falling out of it).

    Nobody is dissing the nice postal workers- however, when NW airlines were busted throwing bags, and treating luggage like footballs- the news stations were all over it. Too bad they don't do the same thing for the postal service...put it on National Television, and call out the workers who treat fragile items rough ON PURPOSE. I don't mean normal shipping and handling. I mean playing "kick the box marked Fragile" and "drop it intentionally after you read the words "Fragile" ON IT.
    Also, I have received mail for probably 35 years. I cant recall having received damaged mail except for once, maybe. Until someone sent me pictures in a letter. On the envelope they wrote- Pictures DO Not Bend...guess what? That particular letter had a huge crease right in the middle and a large foot print on the back. Accident? Doubt it.

    And I am well aware that Friday was a holiday- lets see...All day Wednesday, all day Thursday and then Saturday, processed and out for delivery????? It only takes three days to get a package from Texas. These eggs were only seven hours from here- in the same state. It is ridiculous. I probably should not hold out any hope for them even hatching.
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    Quote:Because that's what the "ONES" over this country does. They like hiring a bunch of morons. The postal service is Go_t. run and they are a bunch of "what you said".
  10. Hi!
    I've been marking my egg boxes lately
    "EGGS FOR HATCHING ENCLOSED!" (makes more sense to me than 'hatching eggs' which kind of implies that the eggs will be hatching in the box), followed by
    "DO NOT XRAY!",

    I was just marking egg boxes Fragile and Perishable, but since I starting printing my postage online (very slow on my 'dino-puter') , I mark the boxes while I wait for the shipping label to print.
    Lol, the longer it takes, the more I write on the box.

    Cindy, have you delivered any 'eggs for hatching' yet?


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