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🙄🤚 Merry Christmas!!🎄❄️
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Jun 9, 2018
The little farm, northern Ohio
I grew up in New York state so it wasn't a cultural thing there. Moved to Virginia after I got married and everybody served sweet tea at every gathering. Tried some and was not impressed.
Went to KY over the summer on vacation, hubby asked if they had sweet tea at a restaraunt. "Sure do hun, six different kinds"
Me:"Do you have lemonade?"
Waitress looked at me like I grew antlers! "No one drinks that stuff 'round here"
Equal parts will suffice. Though in my older age, I prefer a little less sweet. Milo's makes a good one.
That's hubby's favorite. He used to drink McD's then found out that five pounds of sugar go into one gallon!🤢

Hayden Goseek

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Dec 5, 2020
New Orleans
I'm thankful I'm in a work place where I'm respected, I enjoy my bosses, and I like most of my co-workers. I put in my hard work, and in return I've gotten two raises and respect from my boss. All I could ask for, really.
CT, I remember when you started that job how much grief it was. I'm tickled that you toughed it out. I may have missed some details but I hope the next one works out too.

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