Things you wish you could say


Dec 12, 2020
Jacksonville, FL
Oh I just screwed up badly.
Outside working in garden, brought beer with me. Bit later after wheelbarrowing dirt around, I stop to take a swig of beer.

Can I swigged was sitting outside open for oh I don't know,week, 2 weeks, take a guess... sour as hell but it went straight down.

Thankful I didn't gulp any mold or hornets or any other nasty #$$#% with it ::vomit::

I think I will stay home today, very close to the royal throne, waiting for Mount Saint Anus to blow it's cork.

I swigged about 4 oz of straight vodka afterwards and jumped around a bit, hoping I can coat my stomach with that, and hopefully kill any bugaboo's that were in that stuff...

c'mon man, you know better Aaron.

Things I wish I could say, sure !!

Looking in the mirror, You dumb SOB, that'll teach you for leaving your half drank beer cans laying around the yard instead of throwing them in the recycle bin you stupid A hole.

At least I don't need to worry about my diet THIS week, I am sure I will be losing some weight here very soon...

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Quail Geek
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May 15, 2019
Sonoma County, CA
The OP is too funny and enjoyed reading through all the posts. :)

My vent is this...... Show me a dumb animal and I will show you a stupid owner! :barnie
Thank you!

The whole point of this thread is to let people vent, but I like to see the humour in things too. Why be bitter when life can be fun?

I'm going to live forever or die trying.

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