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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by jaj121159, Nov 20, 2010.

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    A lot of posters post questions without doing their homework first. These pointers will help us answer your questions.
    For state based questions like selling meat chickens, bird processing and egg selling: all states have internet sites usually ( Go to that site and then on to your state department of agriculture. Do a search (i.e. selling eggs, right to farm, etc.) Once you think you have the answer go ahead and post to verify or ask questions. Explain what you are wanting to do, what you have found out so far, then ask your question. Remember members of this forum are from all over the country and what is legal in one particular state may be illegal in another.
    For local questions like raising backyard chickens, changing your law, etc. Please do your research first. you should give us your location city and state and the type of local government (township, city, village, county, parish, borough, etc). Please make sure you know where you live. Sounds dumb, but if you are on the edge of town you may be in the city limits, the county, a township, or outside the city, but inside their zoning jurisdiction. Find out what your home is zoned. Just because you live in a residential structure doesn't mean your land is zoned residential. If you don't want to give away your secret, many times your local assessor or your insurance agent or your title search done at purchase can tell you your zoning district. If you are looking to raise chickens for instance, call your local zoning official or city code enforcement officer. I wouldn't talk to the clerk, or a city councilman, but go straight to the staff person responsible for enforcing the regulations. If your local government has a web site, you may be able to get some information like code and zoning regulations, but remember, the enforcement person and the city/township/county attorney are the ones that interpret those regulations.
    If you live in a subdivision, check on covenants and deed restrictions first. These are not laws and cannot be enforced or repealed by your local government. Sometimes these have been in place for years, but are not enforced. Learn about your neighborhood and whether or not the home owners association (or equivalent) is active. Sometimes they will get active if something controversial like being the first to own chickens occurs.
    When you bring your questions or comments to this forum give us your location and be more specific than northeast Nebraska. Most of the questions are location specific. Give us any official information you have found (links, or quotes from local laws work great). Please don't tell us what your neighbor's opinion on what the law is, doesn't do us much good.
    They are many of us on here that deal with this on a daily basis as our profession. I am a zoning administrator for instance. We can be a great resource, but if you want help and not just compassion give us all the facts and do your own homework first.
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    Perhaps should be a sticky somewhere.
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    Bottom line if you want help with your local or state laws that are applicable to chickens, we need to know where you live. 50 states, fifty potentially different answers. Counties, townships, charter townships, home-rule cites, townships, burroughs, parishes, villages, extra-territorial jurisdictions, and enabling statutes all play a part.

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