think i should stick my silkie roo with the sex link hens?

I guess its fine then? He mmisses his brothers so I am going to put him in and see how things go
As long as the girls are nice to him it should be fine.

The silkies can mate the standard hens most of the time. And I'm sure he'll appreciate the company.

Let us know how it goes.
Thanks arlee. so far they just ignored him. he is doing fine so far so we will see how it goes. I got 2 egs today and another set of 2 eggs. so I am happy they are laying. I hope they will be fertile soon
My experience with silkie roos is that they tend to choose favorites. like my roo only likes big mama and star and wont mate with wendy and angel.
Well over night he did pretty well. no marks no nothing. i have to clean there cage again after cleaning it yesterday. They spilled water everywhere. So I will bring them outside while cleaning out the cage and see if they fiollow him. Holw long will it take for them to realize thats there man?

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