Think I'm losing one of the chicks


6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Caribou, Maine (almost in Canada!)
So one of my speckled sussex seems to be dealing with some sort of issue. It was the one who was fighting pasty butt, and although I got her all cleaned up, she has a large, swollen bump on her back side. It's not her vent, as I can see that, it's on the side of her vent, almost appears like a bubble, as it doesn't have feathers on it. I saw her defecate, it appeared somewhat watery. She just seems more lethargic, doesn't seem interested in eating, but did drink. She just wants to be under the ecoglow, or will fall asleep in my hands. She peeps and peeps loudly if not under the ecoglow. She is also the smallest of the chicks (besides the bantam of course).

Any ideas what it might be? I really expect to lose her, which breaks my heart.
It's amazing how quickly you bond to these little creatures.
Sorry about the chick. Can you take and post pictures of the bump on the chick?

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