Think Neighbor Of 6 Year's Is Ticked Off

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by dieselgrl48, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Feb 21, 2010
    [​IMG] Think I detected a BIT of sarcasim when DH Got home this eve and had to call neighbor.We only have about 5 acre's here.We don't have cattle,ponie's, or Horse's.I do have One free range Old billy that both the neighbor's that have acrerage that said was Ok he free ranged that he kept the brush down.Anyway We have about an acre or two in back fenced off that We said was ok for back neighbor's cows to graze.I have big coop on top of hill in that area.Well in the 6 year's We been here We have allowed the ponie's/ horse's cow's to just graze there.Mind you None of the property line fence was ever up to Par for housing cow's etc.This was once a 352 acre farm lotted out.We just got the house and most on the central farm building's.We have 2 converted coops next to house which We had New 5 ft Wire put all around and post a couple years ago.There is one section of 8 FT.chicken wire on the side next to house.Well today I noticed his yearling's Several of them were over and grazing as usual there is some nice shady bushes along the other fenced side.I went out around 4 to check for egg's and one of them was out.I figured Oh boy I had left the gate open again too far going to upper coop but NOPE.Then another was in my chicken yard then I saw TOOOOOO many.OMG they had literaly ripped 4 post out of the ground or broke them off.Wire was trampled everywhere.I finaly got the one back in the area and got the 2 main gates shut to the area.DH called neighbor when he got home.He came down and hmmm.I dunno [​IMG].Something musta spooked them Kinda like looking at my dog.That fool has been barking at those cows for 6 years! He bout got his lights put out barking at a pony once.HMMM I dunno YOUR Cattle dog was asleep on MY front porch through all this! And when I brought up Concern of my 2 year old grandson playing in drive where only Stockade fencing is between them now He say's Oh I wouldn't worry cow's will usualy just run away.Yea DUDE you got a 2000lb BULL which I think set them off today anyway.I can see a 2000Lb bull running away from a 2 year old child!I think I have bent over backwards forward and figure 8 with my 2 neighbors' cattle.I have chased cows ponies they have wrecked my garden busted out over half of my windows in my upper coop tore up my yard and have never complained. HMMMMMM and DH told him also Yea your dog just attacked 2 of my chicks and killed one.Poor Trixie she really gonna be in doghouse now.She is getting Old and hasnt bothered anything for a week or so now.Neighbor put up a strand of Elec. fence in back this eve. But He better be fixing my yard wire.We paid good money to have it put in.Say's he broke.Hmmm Has a grizzly/ 4 wheel golf cart.a crap load of cows/horses/goat's 55 acres' a nice truck! And the idiot still thinks the pond on the end of OUR property is his! Daaaaaaaa [​IMG].Wake Up Dude ya fixing my dang fence!Yep I just feel that YOUR Goat dented My truck coming!
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    Back on the ranch, I was sleeping one morning and heard the loudest tin banging I had ever heard before. I went to investigate ......There was 2 Charlois Bulls inside my chicken pen fighting. They had broken the gate to get the feed. There was about 5 feet on either end of them to the fence, every time one would push the other that big ole rear end would just obliterate the posts and wire. It was a hot mess! Sorry about your troubles, good fences make good neighbors.

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    Why does it ALWAYS seem that no good deed goes unpunished... [​IMG]
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    Aug 7, 2010
    You know that saying about good fences make good neighbors. Costly but pretty much a necessity when living in the country.

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