Think we had a case of heat sickness.

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Yesterday one of our EE was acting very strange. At first I thought it was just my imagination but when my 6 year old noticed I knew something was not right. She is moving around very slowly. She would go to the water but not drink. She was also standing very still. We kept an eye on her. Fed some yogurt and she did eat a little. I wasn't too worried because she was still pecking around a little with the others. It wasn't until they went to bed that really scared me. They were all roosting and our EE was laying parallel with the roost with her head down on the roost and her wings flapped over hanging down, I thought she was dead. I quickly grabbed her and brought her inside and put her under the AC. She was very docile and her tail feather down. I am new to chickens so I really didn't know what to do. She hadn't laid an egg so I felt to see if she could be egg bound but honestly I didn't know exactly what I was doing. I mixed some yogurt and feed and she would only eat it off my finger. I was happy to see her eat a little. She still would not drink so I spoon fed her some water. After about 1 hour she seemed to perk up a little. Tail feather back up and she was walked all around the house. She had a very watery poop which made me think she was dehydrated or not eating enough. Once she seemed to be doing better and it cooled off outside I took her back home. She immediately went to the water (Thank God!). I checked on them before bed and all seemed well. This morning she seems to be back to her old self and laid a very large egg for her. She usually lays pretty small eggs. Keeping a close eye in her today [​IMG]

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    It's definitely the heat, watery poop is usually the telltale sign. Ironic though, I had to bring my EE hen in the house earlier this month for the same thing. I gave her a little yogurt and a small bit of chilled watermelon and water. Thirty minutes later she perked up and I was able to let her back outside with the others. Glad yours is ok and doing well. My EE is currently in a mini moult and not laying [​IMG] Oh well.

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